Beef Nigerian DJ's Versus Hypemen, DJ Vicar Gives His View

One of the most embarrassing things a bride and groom can face on their wedding day is separating a fight between individuals they pay to make the day a remarkable one.

I recently went for a wedding reception that I would have described as the most remarkable wedding reception I have attended until a fight ensued between the DJ and the MC of the day, who also happen to be an Hypeman.

The occasion went well from the opening prayers to the cutting of the cake, as the guests were entertained in grand style. Drama ensued between the DJ and MC, when the MC offered to give the couple a hype session in which they would dance for their guests to come forward and rain money on them.

From my angle, I saw the MC/Hypeman walk up to the DJ. I believe he went to ask him to play a set of Amapiano songs he would vibe with, as they call what they do. They discussed for some seconds, then the MC/Hypeman raised his voice at the DJ who in turn asked him to step back. On refusal, the DJ pushed him back. A fight ensued between them that took the intervention of the security personnel at the occasion, and the couple's intervention, to calm things down.

We later discovered the cause of their fight. The DJ told the MC/Hypeman when he requested the set of songs for the performance, that he would only play them if he ( the MC/Hypeman ) agreed to share whatever money he makes from the performance with him, 50/50. Since he would be involved in the performance. The fight started when the MC asked him if he wasn't paid for the occasion and he asked the MC if he was paid to assist him in his performance.

I tried reaching them both to discuss the fight that ensued, but they were too furious to give anyone their attention, so I reached out to a very popular DJ in Lagos State, DJ Vicar. A good friend of mine, who has been a professional DJ for a long time, to tell me about his experience with Hypemen. If he has experienced something similar, how he handled it, and his advice to DJ's out there.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Okorie Eddy Ejikeme alias DJ Vicar. I am a professional DJ.

Tell us about your job as a DJ.

Been on the job of spinning turntable for over 10 years. The job has taken me to different states in Nigeria, playing for different programs, under different working conditions. Looking forward to playing abroad someday.

How often do you work with Hypemen?

 Hypemen are a recent development in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Started since the era of Slimcase and since then, I have worked with a couple of them. I have a personal hype man I work with.

Have you ever asked a Hype man to share whatever he makes from hyping at an occasion with you? Considering the fact that you are the one playing the songs with which he hypes?

Asking hype men for proceeds; I base my job on what I bill my client. I am not controlled by the hype man but my client. I only do what the hype man ask if it corresponds with the outline duties from my client.

Do you think Hypemen should be sharing whatever money they make from hyping at an occasion with DJ's?

Yes, if it is the DJ that invited them to come hype at the occasion, or the performance is a planned collaboration between the DJ and the Hype Man. No, if the hype man was contracted by the celebrant or client.

Can Hypemen do without DJ's?

Definitely not. If they can, make them dey play the songs by themselves still dey hype na. lolz.

Do you get into any agreement with Hypemen, on how the financial proceeds of their performance at an occasion would be shared, before playing their requested mix?

Like I earlier said, if they are contracted by my client, it's my duty to do their bid. But if in the case of my having a personal hype man like I earlier mentioned, there should be an agreement because it's a partnership. Sharing agreement should be done in any partnership.

Do you think Hypemen should have their own Amapiano mix with which they perform?

Hype men perform better with mixtapes they are used to, but it's their thing to be versatile.

Has a Hype man voluntarily given you a part of the money he makes from his performance, for assisting him with music, as a form of appreciation? How did you feel?

Hypemen do voluntary giving when the DJ does a great job. I feel it's normal.

Should Hypemen be giving DJ's a part of what they make from their performance?

Hype Men are not compelled to share their proceeds with DJ'S if the performance is not a planned collaboration.

What's your advice to DJ's out there if they are to avoid fighting with a Hype man at an occasion, over money?

My advice to DJ's is to charge their client a comfortable amount that won't put them in the situation of expecting money from the proceeds of an Hype man's performance. They have to charge enough to avoid looking out for other sources of augmenting their loss. A lot of Dj's make the mistake of charging less, hoping they would make up for it with the money they would make from the occasion.

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