World Mental Health Day 'Mend' Samson E Ogagas' Movie on Mental Health Tops Big Discussions

Since the maiden edition of the World Mental Health Day which was first observed on 10 October 1992 as championed by the World Federation for Mental Health in collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO), each year, on this date, people all over the world converge in different units to observe this day.

The day is set aside to create awareness on mental illness and it's effects on people's lives worldwide. Untill 1994 when the theme 'Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services throughout the World', World Mental Health Day was observed as a day for mental health advocacy and enlightement, around the world. Since then, it has become necessary to create a theme for the observation of World Mental Health Day each year.

The theme for 2022 observation of World Mental Health Day is 'Make Mental Health & Well-Being for all a Global Priority.' Samson E. Ogaga, an award winning film maker from Delta State, Nigeria, in observation of this year's World Mental Health Day celebration, tapped into the theme of Making Mental Health & Well-Being for all a Global Priority, by unveiling a movie he created, that is centered on mental health awareness and the dangers of keeping mental health challenges to ourselves, titled 'MEND.'

The movie which he produced in collaboration with Rotary International District 9125 Synergy, tells the story of Joyce, a 25 year old Nigerian artist who finds solace in the the art pieces she makes, but like every young talented Nigerian with big dreams and little support, she has a lot of demons she is secretly fighting as a person. On an assignment to finish up a piece of herself, the feelings she gets from the art piece makes her believe she cannot grow pass her present level in life, and it might as well be the end of her dreams until a support group she had once visited rescues her from suicide.

I was privilege to be among the few to have seen the yet to be released trailer. Trust me, it will go a long way in promoting mental health awareness most especially among Nigerian youths who would mostly relate with the story. The few others who saw the trailer with me gave not too different views about the impact the movie will have in creating mental health awareness in Nigeria.

The average Nigerian youth, who are a majority in the country, are plagued with the demon of being a mediocre or fighting through it to fulfilling their dreams, as there are no support systems in place to engage youths to productivity, or groom the talented ones to their bloom. This has led a lot of them to depression which they try to combat with hard drugs and other contraband substances.

The movie 'MEND' will go a long way in directing the attention of Nigerians most especially the youths, to the various platforms now available in Nigeria, through which they can get help in tackling depression and other mental health issues.

Speaking on his reason for making the movie, Samson E. Ogaga said the following on his official Instagram handle @samsonogaga1

"We all have pain and heart Ache,

depression is real, our society has grown into a place where if you share your pain you could be mocked worsening your present situation. But this is very wrong, you are to help them physiologically, sometimes word of encouragement is more than money.

I saw him yesterday he was hale and hearty, but I heard that he committed suicide this morning, a lot is going on in his or her mind before he or she found solace in suicide.

Get this right, the end of this world is not death irrespective of the challenges, man by nature is born with problems.

Joyce is like every Nigeria lady who has a lot of fears going on in them.

She has a lot of demons which she is fighting as a person, very much like every young Nigerian today.

On an assignment to finish up a piece of herself, the satisfaction the art piece gives her makes her believe it might as well be the end of her life until a support group she had once visited rescues her from suicide.

what are your fears?

Do you think Joyce is Right for attempting suicide?

Anticipate for new #movie production


Warm wishes on #World #Mental #Health Day to you…. Let us promise ourselves that we will never take mental health lightly."

Have you had mental health challenges before? How did you conquer it? Fell free to share with us by commenting below. Thanks for reading.