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        Mission Statement

Information they say leads to transformation. Lack of it on the other hand, leads to deformation.

tanroses.com is out to get people informed, entertained, and enlightened with the contents it publishes in the following categories; stories, entertainment, news, and business.

Story or History

This blog was born from the sole author's ( Tanrose Anomuogharan ) passion for telling stories, his flair for the entertainment industry in general, and his desire to help businesses get their services to a wider audience.

Services and Benefits

There are a lot of preventable tragic events occuring in our today's world through which a lot of lives have been lost or damaged. If the people involved had had the right information about the consequences of their actions or the situation they are in, a lot of these events wouldn't have occured.

tanroses.com tells true life stories that people can learn from and give people the opportunity to tell their stories to the world, with an option of being anonymous or using their real identities, so people can learn from them.

One industry that impacts the world greatly is the entertainment industry. Nearly everyone in the world have a role model in the entertainment industry that they draw inspiration from. We profile the well known celebrities in the entertainment industry worldwide by bringing our audiences facts about them, and give up and coming talents in the entertainment industry the exposure they need by profiling them as well, so they can get discovered by entertainment industry Investors.

Our services also include profiling businesses that targets customers from the online community of the internet.

Social Proof

We have helped Universal Secure Solutions, a private security service firm located in Nigeria, that is also into CCTV installations, get more patronage for their services from the online community of the internet.


We have also profiled a fast rising Nigerian movie producer and director Rowsquare whose real name is Orobosa Odaro Osarumwense Stanley.


We have also had the privilege of previewing 'MEND', a movie about mental health, produced by Rotary International, and directed by Samson E. Ogaga, an award winning Nigerian Filmmaker.


We look forward to profiling more talents, businesses, and touching lives through our stories.


Tanrose Anomuogharan