Warri Man Drinks Sniper Insecticide And Dies After Losing 6 Million Naira He won On Sports Bet with 1k, On Betting All to Win 20 Million


Reports reaching us say a man was rushed by his family, to a popular hospital named Abieyuwa, at the Masodje axis of Effurun, warri, Delta State, after drinking a highly poisonous insecticide named Sniper, on losing 6 Million Naira he won on a sports betting platform with 1 thousand Naira.

According to the reports, he restaked the 6 Million Naira he won to win a whooping sum of 20 Million Naira, and lost it all. The after effects of his realizing his big loss, resulted in his committing suucide, by consuming the insecticide, immediately he got home.

His wife, who saw the substance close to his almost lifeless body, as soon as she got home from her business, quickly Called the attention of their neighbors who helped her get him to the hospital. Unfortunately for them, he died before the doctors could intervene.

The cause of his action was unknown until the news of his death reached his fellow sports betters, who informed his family that he won 6 Million Naira that day, by staking 1 thousand Naira, which he restaked to win 20 Million Naira, and lost everything.

Everyone that heard the cause of his death, blamed it on his greed. A lot of them opined that the 6 Million Naira he won was a blessing to his family, and that if they were in his shoes, they would have used the money judiciously, at least investing a part of it in his wife's business, or maybe settings up their own betting shop, as a mega agent of the sports betting company. That way, they would be earning huge returns on a daily basis, that would over time amount to even more than the 20 Million Naira, he restaked the 6 Million to win.

What would you have done, if you were the one that won 6 Million Naira with just 1 thousand Naira? Please feel free to comment below.

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