Wedding Proposal Surprise Gone Wrong


Wedding Proposal Surprise Gone Wrong

A man decided to surprise his fiance on her birthday. He asked the cake baker to put an Iphone 14 case on the cake where the knife that would be used to cut the birthday cake would touch it. The cake was baked as requested and presented to his fiance on her birthday.


The birthday celebration commenced as planned. Every activity planned for the birthday was observed until it got to the cutting of the cake. His fiance was presented the knife. On cutting the cake, she noticed the phone pack and paused. Her fiance then urged her to go ahead and explore the cake. She did and separated the phone pack from the cake.


On seeing it was an iphone 14, she rushed to him and kissed him, raining praises on him. She then opened the pack and discovered the content was an apple. Immediately he mood changed. Not minding the people present, she started raining curses on him telling him how foolish he was to pull such prank, on an important day as her birthday. 


At the height of her anger, she threw the phone pack at him. An engagement ring and a car key dropped from the pack to the surprise of everyone. In shock, she burst into tears, got down on her kneels, held his hands and started apologizing. 


What would you do if you are her fiance? Be honest. Would you still go ahead with the proposal and gift her the car? 

Ladies, how would you have reacted to the prank, immediately you saw the apple on the phone pack?

How would a lady that truly love her man react to the prank? 

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