Guy Disgrace Rich Girlfriend For Abandoning Her Family Over Pastors Prophecy During Her Birthday Celebration

Reports reaching us say a guy in Lagos recently pulled the biggest birthday surprise of the century disgracing his rich girlfriend during her birthday party toast.

According to our eyes witness who gave us the report, she was expecting a big birthday surprise from her boyfriend and got the disgrace of her life. The Mc of the ocassion invited him over to make a toast to his girlfriend after a great display of affluence that saw himself and his friends showering her with rounds of 1000 and 500 Naira notes.

To the surprise of his girlfriend and everyone present, on collecting the microphone, he revealed to her the reason he has not yet proposed to her, which she has been questioning him about, and the reason he will never do it except she change.

His reason being, he cannot marry a rich girl whose wealth is not felt in her family. While everyone know her to be a big girl, her mum, dad and siblings living in the same city with her, are struggling to feed. She has abandoned them for years over a stupid vision a church pastor revealed to her he saw, during a prayer session.

When he asked her about her parents and siblings, she told him she is a lone child and that her parents are dead. He got to know about the lies when a true friend of hers who knew about the lies she told him, and his intentions of getting married to her, informed him about her true background.

One time, she was good to her parents and siblings until she renovated her family house in the city that was in a bad condition and things started getting bad for her. She got involved in a hair business deal in which she lost a lot of money running into millions, to some individuals who promised to supply her expensive hair at a cheaper rate than what she has been getting from her dealers, but made away with her money.

A lot of people suggested to her that the problem was spiritual, so she sorted spiritual help from a special prayer ministry. Only to be told that her parents are occultic, and if she doesn't stop doing things for them and other members of her family, things like the loss she experienced, will keep occuring.

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