Lagos Instagram Big Girl Gets Beaten In The Street Over Failure To Pay Balance Of Expensive Hair


A report came to us recently about an Instagram big girl whom we won't mention for the sake of privacy, that recently got the beating of her life on broad day light, at a busy street in the city of Lagos, over failure to pay balance of expensive hair.

According to our source, her attention was drawn to the scene when a Lexus jeep pulled over at the front of a popular hair dressing saloon in the street and two ladies highlighted from the car and stopped the Instagram big girl who was leaving the saloon.

They started a conversation that became an argument that resulted to one of the ladies taking off her hair which she took to the car while the other lady grabbed her and continued the argument with her.

Later the one that took the hair to the car joined them. Our source said everyone around including her that had noticed the scene caused by the altercations between the ladies, saw it as a normal misunderstanding between friends until the other lady that took the hair to the car joined her friend and they both started beating the Instagram big girl.

As at the time she and others on the scene intervened, the Instagram big girl had a red face from the consistent slap she had been receiving from the two ladies, who later explained why they were beating her up.

According to them, she bought an expensive hair of 350k from them and paid 100k with agreement to pay the balance installmentally within a period of 3 months, which she faulted. It's been over 5 months since she bought the hair and she is yet to pay past the 100k she deposited on collecting the hair.

All efforts to reach her had been abortive until that day, as she had blocked all the numbers and social media handles they used to reach her, and she has been using the hair to make videos on Instagram posing as a big girl.

Truly, not all that glitters are gold.

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