Landlord Limits Tenants Progress With His Compound Dies After Prayer Session In The Compound

A student schooling in Akwa Ibom who chooses to be anonymous brought to our notice a story of her landlord who limits his tenants progress by tormenting them while they are aslepp every night. According to her, herself and other students who lived in his hostel for a semester experience sleepless nights in the hostel throughout their stay in the hostel to the extent that it affected their academic performance and their different families

Herself and the other students in the hostel discovered that they sleep fine whenever they visit their friends and spend the night in their houses but if they come back to their hostel, the sleepless nights reoccur, so many of them who were tired of the experience begged their friends to be spending the night in their houses and only come to the hostel in the morning to get the things they will need to spend the night in their friends house.

She also told us that her family and that of other students living in the hostel that were doing fine before coming to school, started experiencing problems to the extent that they struggle to feed and pay their tuition and other fees.

One day, while she attended a prayer session in one of the schools fellowship, the minister of the day who was invited from another school called her out and told her about her not sleeping in her hostel because of the sleepless nights she and other students experience whenever they sleep in the hostel. He also informed her that it is the same reason her family and that of everyone else living in the hostel had been experiencing difficulty, and if nothing is done about it, they will all drop out from school and never get a higher education again in life.

After the fellowship that day, the minister asked her to call as many of her hostel mates as she could reach to meet her at the hostel. His team, and the excos of the fellowship accompanied her to the hostel and conducted a strong prayer session with everyone they met in the hostel. After the prayer session, he asked them to go to their various churches and places of worship that day, to give a deliverance seed as they can afford, and thank God for delivering them from what was intended by the one responsible for their predicaments.

He also told them that the next day, they will get news about the death of the person responsible for all they have been experiencing in the hostel. And that, after that day, they can be sleeping in the hostel till their rent expires. After the prayer session, she and other students did as they were instructed. The next day, they were informed that their landlord is dead. He died in his sleep. According to her, they never experienced the sleepless nights they used to while sleeping in the hostel. The financial struggles their families were experiencing also ended. 

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