POS Buyer Attempt Suiside After Losing 100K In New POS He Bought

To everyone interested in starting a POS business, please make sure you get your POS from a trusted vendor that you can hold responsible if anything happens to the money you deposit in your POS, after purchasing it. If you can get it from a bank fine, if you must get it from an agency or a vendor, make sure they can be trusted There are a lot of POS vendors out there now working with FRAUDSTERS.

Reports reaching us say a guy ran into a moving vehicle in Benin City, Edo State, after he was debited 100k via a POS he purchased from a vendor, to start a POS business. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he received treatment.

On recovery, he told our source and others who rushed him to the hospital that he purchased a POS machine from a vendor the previous day and deposited his life's savings of 100k into the machine, which he intends using to start a POS business, only to wake up the next day to a debit alert of the 100k being transfered from the POS account to another account.

According to him, when he got home that day, somebody called him that he is from the POS agency he got the POS machine from. And he is calling to welcome him to their family as a new customer. He then asked if they have given him a face cap, an umbrella and table with which he would start the business, this he replied no to. The caller then told him that he would receive a series of text message on his phone immediately he drop the call, that would contain the unique numbers with which he would collect the items.

The series of messages entered his phone soon as the call dropped. The person then asked him to read the messages and call-out the numbers on the messages to him so he can jot it down, and send it to the office for the processing of the face cap, umbrella, and table. The next day, he woke up to the debit alert.

When he confronted the vendor he got the POS from, he was told that he has been duped. The numbers he sent to the person that called him can be used to get access to the funds on the POS.

Please inform anyone you know that is about starting a POS business to he careful of the vendors they purchase the POS machine from. POS vensors please get a channel with which you communicate with your customers and always endeavour to inform them of the fraudulent POS schemes out there so they don't fall victims to it.

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