Yahooboy Runs Mad For Yahooplus Gives Testinony In Church After Deliverance

Members of a Delta State branch of one of the biggest churches in Nigeria we're thrilled when a one time popular Yahooboy, whom most of them know to be walking around in the street begging for food as a result of his being lost to madness, was ushered to the altar by the pastor of the church, to testify of his deliverance from madness as a result of his involvement in Yahooplus.

According to our source who chose to be anonymous, he walked up to the church one morning pleading for food, the security men at the gate drove him away several times but he kept returning. On one of his returns, he met the branch pastor of the church at the gate and begged him for food, but instead of getting food he got Gods mercy and got healed of his madness.

He was once very popular in the town for his flamboyant lifestyle. He drove the best car in that town, had several buildings to his name, and moved in company of the most popular guys in the town. His clique of friends are known for their extravagant spending and showoff of wealth wherever they go that there is hardly anybody in the town who does not know them.

Their lifestyle made them the role models of the youths in that town to the extent that parents use them to motivate their children, and set standards of how successful they expect them to become in life until one morning that the whole town woke up to the news of his madness.

Sources say he got down from an expensive car and walked to a popular junction in the town where he took off his clothes to his underwear screaming "I nor go do am! I nor go kill anybody tie client!" repeatedly, walking around the area. They called the attention of his family members who got some boys to tie him up and take him to his house.

His family members enquired of his friends to know what happened to him but they said they had no idea so they took him to several traditionalists and prayer houses where they spent huge sums to heal him, but to no avail. On one such occasion, they were told he was paying for his sins and that nothing can be done to heal him.

The family shared his properties and possessions among themselves and left him to the street to pay for his sins. For several months before his encounter with the pastor, he was on the street begging for food to survive, when he is not screaming "I nor go do am! I nor go kill anybody tie client!" repeatedly.

On that day at the altar, he revealed to everyone that he was struck with madness by a native doctor he and his clique of friends went to consult at one village in the eastern part of the country, to help them get more clients in their yahoo business, that would pay them huge money without second guessing any request they make.

The native doctor requested human sacrifice which everyone on the clique agreed to except him. He begged to be excluded but the native doctor insisted there is no going back. To shut him up and get him off the way of the others, he was strucked with madness.

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