Universal Secure Solutions A Top Event/Pivate Security Service & CCTV Installation Agency You Should Patronize

I recently went for an event in Ogun State in which the security agency incharge of providing security for the day, so impressed me with their services that I had to bring them to your notice.

Their neat kits and courtesy was what first got my attention. Normally when I go for occasions and see the men mounting security, on their kits and impressive physique, at the entrance of the event venues, I be like, "okay, regular bouncers doing their jobs", and join others in observing the protocol required to get in. These sets were different and very organized.

The level of professionalism at which these sets carried out their duties from my first encounter with them at the entrance, to how they managed the crowd, most especially during the several sessions of Naira notes rain, got me to call one of them aside and inquire about their services, at the end of the occasion. He gave me their boss's number. I had a long phone conversation with him that led to an interview session which is presented below:

Sir, tell us about yourself and Universal Secure Solutions?

My Name is Iyilade Tosin John. CEO Universal Secure Solutions. I am a Computer Science graduate of Gateway polytechnic (Saapade). I was born March 14th 1995. Universal Secure Solutions is a security service provision agency that is into the provision of Security Guards, Special Events Security, Executive Protections & Bodyguards, Crowd Control, Technical Security Surveys, project management security, CCTV Installation, Private Investigation/Background check, and sales of self defence gadgets.

We started as Fearless Security in 2017. It was changed to Universal Secure Solutions in 2020. The company was officially registered with CAC ( Corporate Affairs Commissions ) and NSCDC ( Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Commission ) in 2022.

What inspired you to start up Universal Secure Solutions?

The security situation and the rate of unemployment in Nigeria inspired me to start up the business of providing security for events organization and individuals in the private sector. Our basic mission is to join hands together with the government in reducing the alarming rate of insecurity and unemployment in the country.

How long have you been in the business of providing security for events, organizations, and the private sector?

I have been in the business providing security for events, organization and private sector for 7years

We are aware your services also include CCTV installations, tell us about it?

CCTV is a top security surveillance equipment that you can access anywhere anytime. We included it in our service because it helps in crime investigations and it adds to the security of an environment. Crimes are less likely to occur in an environment where CCTV Cameras are visible, because the perpetrator knows they would be caught.

Universal Secure Solutions is the only security providing agency I know, that is also into CCTV installations. When did it occur to you to add CCTV installation to your services?


Most of the organizations, residential and private sector clients, that we have offered our services, required a CCTV operation manager, and requested for CCTV installation, so we decided to include it in our services, in 2021.

In advanced countries, CCTVs help the Police and other security providing establishments to solve crime related issues and strengthen security. Would you recommend it as a solution to the present security challenges in Nigeria?

Yes. We recommend CCTV to all organizations and bits we have covered over the years, as a way of increasing the level of security in the environment.

What have been your biggest challenges so far in the business of providing security for events, organizations, and the private sector?

The challenge we face most times is Recruitment of men. We run background checks on applicants and screen them thoroughlly to make sure they are clean, before employing them. We only recruit individuals that we are sure would represent the best interest of the agency in their various places of assignments.

What do you look out for when recruiting individuals?

They must be smart, physically fit, and muscular. They must also have an educational qualification of at least O level (SSCE).

They also have to pass our medical tests before we employ them.

After recruiting, does your staffs go through any special training to better equip them in rendering their services to your customers?


We organize orientations and pep talks from time to time on which we discuss the best ways to render their services to our customers, and uphold the best interest of the company. They go through physical training from time to time as well, to keep them fit.


Where do your services cover in Nigeria? I believe you are not limited to providing your services to residents of Ogun State alone?

Our services cover the 36 states in Nigeria.

What's your vision for Universal Secure Solutions, ten years from now?

In Ten years time, Universal Secure Solutions will be among the Top 3 security provision agencies in Nigeria, have the largest number of staff among our counterparts, and also an extension Overseas.

You can reach Universal Secure Solutions via the following channels:

INSTAGRAM - @universal_secure_solutions



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WHATSAPP - 08162560485