Family In Confusion As Father Fall Ill After Receiving 50k From One Of His Sons

Parents, learn to question and know your children's source of income before collecting money from them.

A report was brought to us about a father that received 50 thousand Naira from his son and fell ill a few hours after his son left the house. According to our source, his son that gave him the money Is an internet fraud$ter that engages voodoo to swindle people, which his father is not aware of.

On that faithful day, he came to the house and met his father and younger siblings. He stayed a little while and gave his father the sum of 50 thousand Naira, in a clip of 500 Naira notes, as he was about to leave. Few hours after he left the house, his father fell ill and was rushed to the hospital by neighbours who were alerted by his younger siblings.

On getting to the hospital, the doctors ran some tests on him but they detected nothing they could pin as the cause of his deteriorating condition, so they decided to run more tests. While they were on it, the father requested that all his children meet him in the hospital so he can give them his final words in case he dies of the ailment.

When they were all gathered around his hospital bed, he pointed to his son that gave him the 50 thousand Naira as the one responsible for his ailment, and ask the others to hold him responsible if he die of the ailment. They asked him why and he explained to them how he was very healthy before his son visited that day and gift him the 50 thousand Naira, only for him to fall ill later.

The others couldn't fathom how the money their brother gave to their father would be responsible for his ailment, so they begged him to undo whatever he did to their father. Their father also described where he kept the money and ask them to return it to him. The whole situation got his son that gifted him the money upset so he made move to leave the hospital, but his siblings coerced him to follow them to the house and get his money from where the dad kept it.

To the surprise of the family, the man was discharged from the hospital the next day, all healthy without receiving any treatment from the doctors. One week later, the family got a news that his son that gifted him the 50 thousand Naira, had passed away.

According to the report, he fell very ill and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors conducted a series of test on him but found nothing to pin as the cause of his ailment. Some days later, he died of the ailment.

Please parents, make it your duty to teach your children the dignity of earning a living legitimately. It's one of the best legacy you can leave them as a parent.

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