Skincare, Buy AC First Before You Buy Skincare Products, If Not You Will Keep Changing Cream, Nigerian Skincare Expert Advices

Ivy Ifeoma, a renown Fashion/Beauty Influencer on Instagram, who is also the girlfriend of Paul Okoye, one of the Psquare duo, posted a photo of her stunning skin on her official Instagram handle @ivy_zenny, with the following caption:

"Probably the most unprepared I have been for IG, but my skin is always prepared."

See post below:

Reacting to the post, a fashion/beauty writer for, said the following, advising people who are of the habit of changing from one skin product to another, on the journey of trying to get a flawless skin:

"Ivy Ifeoma, Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, flaunting her glowing skin, and she dey stay inside AC. As you are saving money to buy skin care, also save money to buy AC for your parlor and bedroom. Your office or place of business should also have constant AC.

The transportation you also use to move about should also have AC.

You cannot rub expensive skincare and then you’re inside Garrison to Rumuola along, sweating and collecting smoke from the exhaust pipes of other cars, then go sit in a hot working space with hot fan breeze and no AC and expect the skin care to work. Your weather is too toxic for your skin care product to work.

You will keep struggling and changing cream thinking that the cream is the problem. Nope. Your environment is the problem.

You notice that once people move to colder climates like the UK and Canada, their skin becomes better in pictures because of their climate. If they use skin care with it, it enhances the skin better.

So Dear Queens, your cream isn’t the problem. It is your lifestyle. You want better skin, buy AC with all the money you’re saving to change cream. Then you can now buy skin care."

“Skin care products work but your environment will determine the effectiveness."

Brian Dennis

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