Meet Igbokwe Chika Johnson Nigerian Born Actor Making Waves In The Malaysian Film Industry


The film industry in Malaysia is expanding rapidly, producing approximately 60 feature films each year, along with a substantial number of television dramas and serials ranging between 300 and 400, as indicated by Wikipedia. Notably, one of the distinguished actors involved in these ventures is Igbokwe Chika Johnson, also known as Mr. Smile, originally from Nigeria.

While the movies in this region are typically filmed in languages such as Tamil, Malay, Mandarin, and Cantonese, Mr. Smile has made his mark in the industry, predominantly portraying characters in the English language. Some of his notable appearances include "Singam 3," a Tamil film, "The Confidence Man" in Cantonese, "Sangkar," a Malaysian production, "Gerakan Rahsia," "Mat Bond", and ''Aadhitya Arunachalam (AA)'', in Malaysia, among various others.

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Despite his relative achievements in Malaysia, Igbokwe Chika Johnson yearns to establish a significant presence in Hollywood, Bollywood, and his home country's renowned film industry, Nollywood. Acknowledged globally for its vibrancy, the Nigerian movie sector has garnered widespread acclaim. Expressing his aspirations, he looks forward to collaborating with prominent figures in the Nigerian entertainment sphere, and is actively engaged in establishing his own modeling agency and fitness centers.

Addressing the experience of working in Malaysia as a person of color, Igbokwe emphasizes his seamless integration into the culture, despite the expectation that he would primarily engage in roles using the Malay language. Grateful for the opportunity, he acknowledges the welcoming environment, emphasizing that he is seen beyond his racial identity. Affirming his positive interactions within the industry, he highlights his involvement in various local and international advertisements and films.

Igbokwe commenced his journey in the Malaysian entertainment domain in 2011, initially participating in television commercials before carving a niche for himself as a prominent model in the country. Notably, he has featured in commercials for esteemed brands including Reebok, Mentos, Caltex, Petronas, The Flutter in Indonesia, Harpic, Wonda Coffee, Kodak lenses, and numerous others, further solidifying his reputation in the industry.

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Having originated from the Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State in Nigeria, Igbokwe's early inclinations toward performing arts surfaced during his time at Delta State Polytechnic Ogwashi-Uku, where he was known as 'Fela', for vibing and dancing to songs by the Afrobeat legend 'Fela Anikulapo Kuti', during student weeks and other shows organized by students. Displaying an inherent passion for entertaining others and making them smile from then on, he garnered recognition and earned himself the alias 'Mr Smile'.

Regarding his professional integrity, Igbokwe dismisses the stereotype of actors being promiscuous, emphasizing that such behavior is a matter of personal choice rather than a characteristic exclusive to the industry. Additionally, he asserts his firm stance against performing nude scenes, citing cultural beliefs and values, even considering the inclusion of contractual clauses to safeguard his principles.

Despite his success in Malaysia and other Asian countries, Igbokwe remains eager to become a world renown actor making a mark in Hollywood, Bollywood, and the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood), reflecting his deep-rooted attachment to his homeland and his commitment to contributing to its development. Presently recognized as a multi-faceted actor, model, and fitness instructor, Igbokwe Chika Johnson continues to inspire with his passion and dedication to the world of entertainment.

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