Man slaps airport staff he caught attempting to put H@rd drugs in his bag


Nigerian airport

A Nigerian man shared a harrowing encounter at an undisclosed international airport where an airport official attempted to plant n@rcot!cs in his bag. Unaware of the scheme, the passenger confronted the staff who admitted to the wrongdoing and pleaded for forgiveness. Grateful for escaping a potential ruin of his reputation, the man emphasized the need for vigilance, cautioning others to be watchful of their luggage at airports to avoid falling victim to such incidents.

In his words: ‘'That’s how a stuupid FAAN staff tried to set us up to smuggle hard drugs. Today sha, a whole PH boi. Either it is their usual operation to set people up, but no, they met their match today. As I begin razz the whole airport, them know say person dey smh. That’s how my life would have gone just like that. Una for see my picture everywhere for NDLEA say I smuggle drug for international airport.'"